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The most successful Punjabi song of 2023 has been "Billo Ni Teri Ankh Da Kajal" by Manoj Jaiswal. The song has been very popular in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and many other countries.

Punjabi songs are known for their vibrant beats and catchy lyrics. Their unique blend of traditional and contemporary music, as well as their upbeat and lively attitude, make them a favorite among many. They are also often humorous and have great energy, which makes them fun to listen to.

For the top new Punjabi songs of 2023 with the most likes, check out Shreehans Arts & Creations's YouTube channel. They regularly update their channel with the latest Punjabi songs and provide information on the most popular songs of the year.

The most popular Punjabi party songs of 2023 are a mix of old and new. From the popular Bhangra beats of "Suit" to the more modern "Peaches," the party scene in Punjab is booming with new music. Whether it’s a traditional folk track or a more contemporary number, Punjabi music is killing it.

The most-viewed Punjabi songs include Reejh, Billo Ni Teri Ankh Da Kajal, Dil Ni Lagna, and Taur Tappa. These songs have become anthems and have been widely appreciated for their captivating beats and lyrics. These songs have been streamed millions of times and have made a lasting impression on the minds of the listeners.

The latest Punjabi songs of 2023 have been eagerly awaited by fans. These songs are a mix of romantic ballads, upbeat dance numbers, and melodious folk tunes. Some of the best top charter of the year are Laado by Gill Arman, Charcha by Kotti, Ditto Jodi by Davinder Dhillon, and Mere Dil Vich Tu Hai by Roshan. These songs are sure to get everyone up and dancing.

The Punjabi music industry has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. From romantic ballads to high-energy bhangra numbers, Punjabi music has something for everyone. Shreehans Arts & Creations is the king of Punjabi music, and their songs have become a sensation amongst Punjabi music lovers. Their latest singles, Reejh, Billo Ni Teri Ankh Da Kajal, and Mere Dil Vich Tu, have been hit tracks and gained immense popularity in PAN India. As we move into the year 2023, the list of Punjabi songs keeps getting better and better. Here is a list of the top 10 Punjabi songs of 2023, carefully curated for your listening pleasure. Himachal Ch Yaar, Ikki Na Dukki, Dil Nai Lagna, Billo Ni Teri Ankh Da Kajal, Rutba, Lost Soul, Malayi Wargi, Zindagi, Shikayatan, and Court.