पद्म श्री – डॉक्टर जितेन्द्र सिंह शंटी | Jitender Singh Shunty | Music Haveli Talk Show

Music haveli is a platform where you can learn about the country's remarkable and selected personalities. Very few people know some notable and memorable things about such extraordinary people. All those things we at Music Haveli. Through this, you will reach people. From which you can get information about those personalities as well as many types of inspirations.

In this episode, this time we will introduce you to a personality who has been decorated with the highest honor of the country. This time on the stage of Music Haveli, our special guest is Padma Shri – Dr. Jitendra Shunty Ji. They arrived on this platform. He is a great personality who made an incredible and unprecedented contribution to keeping humanity alive even under challenging circumstances. For many people, it will be helpful to do energy-operational work. Dr. Jitendra Shunty Ji shared many unheard stories about his personal, political and social affiliations. He said through holy Gurbani, "Nar Mare Kachhu Kaam Na Aawe, Pashu Mare Dus Kaj Saaware", which is undoubtedly infused with the essence of genuine humanity. The host of the show is famous anchor Santosh Tandon, hope you will love this stage of Music Haveli with a new personality every time; you must share your comments with us.

  • Label : Shreehans Entertainment
  • Producer : Dr. Neeraj Kumar Gupta
  • Featuring : Padma Shri Jitender Singh Shunty Ji
  • Director : Liyaqat Ali Khan
  • Studio : Music Haveli
  • Editor : Vikas Pandey
  • Release Date : Nov 24-2021

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