Bhajan Samrat PadmaShri Anup Jalota |Talk Show | Music Haveli

Music haveli is a platform where you can learn about the country's famous and selected personalities. Few people know such remarkable and unique things about today's good personalities. You know for his performances in Bhajans, Urdu poetry, and Ghazals. All those things we Through the music haveli, you will reach people. From whom you can get information about those personalities as well as many inspirations. So today, you meet Bhajan Samrat 'Padam Shri' honored "Anup Jalota ji."

  • Label : Shreehans Entertainment
  • Producer : Dr. Neeraj Kumar Gupta
  • Featuring : Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota
  • Director : Bobby Qureshi
  • Studio : Music Haveli
  • Editor : Sameer
  • Release Date : Feb 08-2022

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