Binaar Part 2 | Short Horror Movie

An invitation to a wedding in which the main character starts his adventure go! He stops at a dhaba while the bus breaks down, where he runs into several thieves. He flees on foot to avoid the robbers, and while he is looking for a way to get help, he travels a long way on a deserted road. In the meantime, he meets a witch. How does one become involved in unintentional events? BINAAR is a movie that connects all of these incidents. Watch the thrilling movie BINAAR to find out.

  • Label : Shreehans Movie
  • Producer : Dr. Neeraj Gupta
  • Featuring : Deepak Sharma (Jailor Tihad Jail), Rambir Aryan, Nirmala Devi
  • Lyrics : Vipin Kapoor
  • Director : Vipin Kapoor
  • Makeup : Rahul Mathania
  • Studio : Music Haveli
  • Editor : V Blood Records
  • Camera : Raja Ji
  • Writer : Vipin Kapoor
  • Mixing & Mastering : Amyra Kapoor Studio
  • Release Date : Jun 25-2021

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